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Busy is not a life plan.

No matter how successful you are, overworked and exhausted do not look good on you.

Driven and ambitious likely got you where you are in your fabulous career, but you want more. And you have no idea what that is - yet.

Work is your go-to for emotional fulfillment. But when you sit back and pause? You realize overachieving hasn't made you happy either.

Something's missing.

You don't take time for yourself or see your family enough, but when you think about making a change, you're not sure where to start.
"I don't know how."

I don't have time."

"I tried before but..."

I'm Amy Pico and I help women just like you get back in touch with themselves, so you can figure out what you actually want and then go get it.

Maybe you've tried therapy before, or even gone on retreats, testing the self-improvement.

You may feel depressed or anxious, or just unsettled.

But this is one problem you can't work harder to get through.

Being fulfilled isn’t about doubling your efforts. It’s about slowing down, opening up and practicing vulnerability.
As a counselor, hypnotherapist, and coach, my approach allows us to tap into your transformational abilities and unleash your soulfulness. The result? You can show up more fully in your life.

Together, we channel your hustle into perseverance, and then let it go so you can actually relax. Intimacy isn’t about figuring everything out. It's about trusting the process. It’s not about holding it all together, but letting go. Not about having a plan, but connecting with your intuition.

You’ll start to show up as yourself, connect to others in deeper ways and feel a sense of balance you may have thought was a myth.
Learn more about me, and when you’re ready let’s schedule a time to talk. I’m looking forward to teaming up.
Amy is amazing. The exercises that she ran through with me helped me to face, move through and make peace with the negative emotions and experiences I've been having and to finally create the positive emotions that I prefer. She is a warm and caring heart and I love the methods she uses. I highly recommend her!
Korynn ElliottDream Architect

Hi, I'm Amy, and I’ve been a counselor for over 10 years. My specialty is working with Type A women who are successful in their career and are ready to translate that success to their personal life. Women who have drive and ambition, but struggle to deepen their self-exploration. Women who are so used to “keeping it together” that they often feel alone. That’s where I come in.

If you're wondering if coaching is right for you let's schedule a complimentary clarity call and have a judgement-free conversation about the changes you would like to make happen in your life. Click here to schedule a complimentary Clarity Call.