The work of life begins and ends with you.
Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and overworked? Are you struggling with truly knowing yourself and your life purpose? Maybe you know you want more from yourself and your life, but need guidance. Maybe you have even sought professional help in the past, but something is still missing.

I'm Amy, a coach who is obsessed with understanding who you are, and helping you see how you can change your own life.

I'm a woman who started to doubt my inner voice at a very young age. I have survived the thrived under depression, anxiety, broken relationships, a broken engagement, miscarriage, eating disorders, and lots of distorted thinking.

Today I thrive as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, counselor, hypnotherapist and healer. I am a change agent who inspires others to higher living. I continue to seek help for myself, and know that progress is not possible on my own.

I am a woman of purpose--connecting to myself in deeper and truer ways every day. I truly want to give away all the gifts of healing that I have been given.n

Sound familiar? Learn more about how I work here.